A-levels subjects | A-levels科目内容

  • Science and Maths 科学与数学类
    • Maths 数学 | Further Maths 高等数学 | Physics 物理 | Chemistry 化学 | Biology 生物
  • Languages 语言类
    • English Literature 英语文学 | English Language 英语语言
  • Business and Economics 商业和经济类
    • Business Studies 商业 | Economics 经济学
  • Arts 艺术类
    • Art 艺术 | Art History 艺术史
  • Humanities 人文科学类
    • History 历史 | Geography 地理

ILA Beijing is an Edexcel Examination Centre approved by Pearson which is the UK’s largest awarding organization. The Senior College offers rigorous Edexcel A-levels subjects, success in these subjects will prepare students for university study at excellent Higher Education institutions in the UK and beyond. These subjects give students plenty of scope to study a good range of academic subjects.  Our Academic Team will give our students excellent advice about the subject combinations that are best for particular university courses and careers.

北京礼德是培生认证的爱德思考试中心,学校在高中阶段提供一系列高质量、严谨的A-levels课程。 A-levels是全世界一流大学最广泛认可的录取标准,优异的A-levels成绩将帮助学生成功申请英国及世界的顶尖学府。礼德学院的老师会提供建议并帮助学生针对大学专业导向和未来职业规划制定出最佳的课程组合。如果你想学的科目不在我们目前提供的课程范围内,只需让我们知道,我们会尽可能提供一切帮助。

IAL – The international version of A levels, Edexcel International Advanced Levels have been written to the highest standard, with the global learner in mind, and are recognised by universities across the world.  IAL offer progression from International GCSEs and can be taken alongside Edexcel A levels or BTEC or LCCI qualifications to give students a comprehensive choice of subjects.

IAL-全称International Advanced Levels(国际高等教育证书), 做为爱德思A-Levels的国际版供给来自全球的学生学习,IAL课程体系已被书写至最高的水准并被世界各地的大学广泛认可。IAL的多种学科选择给学生提供从IGCSE(国际普通中等教育证书)或爱德思BTEC、LCCI阶段之后的学习。