Admission to International Leadership Academy Beijing

The admission process of International Leadership Academy Beijing is aimed to identify young people who will benefit from the academic and extra-curricular programme of the Senior College and who will contribute to and benefit from the ethos of the College.

The Senior College’s vision is to prepare young people for entry to leading universities and success in leading careers along with developing the attributes of Wisdom for Life. As such, only young people who meet the entry criteria will be admitted.

The College’s vision statement Wisdom for Life strongly influences the key areas of emphasis in the School and, therefore, the factors that are important in its admissions procedures and decision-making about which pupils to admit. Applicants are admitted based on:

  • Ability to fulfil the academic requirements and who will benefit from the culture, environment and ethos of the College.
  • A desire to learn and to demonstrate their suitability for an environment where extra-curricular activities and enrichment are strongly encouraged.

The decision to offer a place to a prospective student is taken by the Admissions Committee, comprising the Principal, the Admissions Department and, if relevant, the Additional Education Needs faculty. Admission and year level placement are based on academic evaluations and assessments, English proficiency, past school records, student interviews, teacher recommendations, the birth date of the applicant and any diagnostic testing that will help the Admissions Committee understand any special learning needs an applicant may have.





  • 能够满足学术水平的要求并能受益于学院的文化、环境及校风。
  • 能够展现对知识学习的渴望并且能够展示他们适合并愿意参与学校丰富的课外活动。