Age Guideline for Entry 入学年龄指导

The age guidelines for entry to the Senior College are as follows:

Year level of placement is determined by an applicant’s age as of 1st September in the academic year of entry.  All students, Chinese or foreign, who will have reached the age of fourteen by September 1st, are eligible to apply.

An exception to this policy would require the approval of the Head of Senior College and would only be made when all the evidence suggests it is in the student’s best interest to be enrolled in a year other than what his/her age suggests.




Admissions Criteria 申请条件

Senior College considers applicants for entry to Pre-Foundation, Foundation and Grade 11-12. Only in exceptional circumstances can the College consider applications to enter in Grade 12. Any decision to allow an applicant to apply for entry to Grade 12 should be made by the Principal or Head of School.

Pre-Foundation – students who do not have a Grade 9 GPA and therefore need 4-year course in order to qualify for entry to USA universities. The Pre-Foundation course completes Grade 8 of the Chinese National Curriculum and introduces the core skills of the IGCSE programme.

Grade 10 – Students who have successfully completed the Foundation year programme enter Grade 10 and study for 5 IGCSE subjects.

Grade 11 – students who have sufficient IGCSEs or equivalent to justify entry to the first year of the A-level programme. Students in the Grade 11 programme start the first year of A-levels.

Grade 12 – the second year of the A-level programme.

北京礼德国际学院高中设有:预备课学年(9年级)、高中基础课学年(10年级)、11年级和12年级。只有在特殊情况下学生可以考虑申请入读12年级,申请入读12 年级需要提前获得校长或高中主任的批准。



11年级——A Level课程的第一年。申请人需获得IGCSEs或与其相等的课程证书。

12年级——A Level 课程第二年。