You can download our Senior High School Admissions form below and return the complete form to:

To Academic Registrar, ILA Beijing, No.5, 4th Block, An Zhen Xi Li, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029
Phone: +86 10 64448100

北京市朝阳区安贞西里4区5号 北京礼徳国际学院 邮编:100029
电话:+86 10 64448100

ILA Beijing Application Form | 入学申请表

Admissions Assessment 入学测试

The entrance examinations are designed specifically to test a candidate’s potential for successful academic study at Senior College.

All candidates are required to take the following assessment:

  • Mathematics (60-minute writing assignment in English)
  • English Listening & Reading ( ELTIs 70-minute computer online test)
  • Independent Writing to test the level of written English (25-minute)

Candidates will also be interviewed by the Head of Senior College and Higher Education Pathway Guide during which his/her interests, strengths and aspirations will be discussed.

At interview, students will need to demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Senior College’s staff that they will benefit from the culture, environment and ethos of the College.  Applicants will be expected to show a desire to learn and to demonstrate their suitability for an environment where extra-curricular activities and enrichment are strongly encouraged. Applicants are made to feel at ease and the interview is an opportunity for them to talk about their interests and commitment to learning.

After admissions assessments have been completed, the student’s application will be reviewed and parents will be informed of the decision within one week.


  • 数学(60分钟英语笔试)
  • 英语听力和阅读,ELTIs(国际学生英语水平测试)计算机在线测试(70分钟)
  • 英语写作(25分钟)



Equal Opportunities 平等的机会

  1. Senior College welcomes children from different ethnic groups, nationalities, cultural backgrounds and social groups. All candidates for admission are treated equally.
  1. Senior College will consider the needs of applicants who have disabilities for whom, with reasonable adjustments, can cater adequately so that such students reach their full potential. Should the College deem that it cannot provide adequately for these needs, it reserves the right to decline the application.
  1. Senior College needs to be aware of any known disability or special educational need which may affect a child’s ability to participate in the admissions procedure. If such information is not provided at the time of interview and the College subsequently discovers that such needs exist, the College reserves the right to reverse the admission.
  1. By virtue of paragraph 3, above, parents of a child who has any disability or special educational needs is expected to provide the school with full details before accepting the offer of a place.
  1. Senior College does all that is reasonable to ensure that the information and application procedure are accessible for disabled candidates and will make such reasonable adjustments as are necessary.
  1. 北京礼德国际学院对不同民族、民族、文化背景和社会团体下所有入学考生一视同仁。
  2. 学院会对有身体有残疾人士的特殊需要进行照顾,经合理调整后,确保他们能在考试中发挥出最大潜能。如果学院认为不能充分满足学生的这些需要,学院有绝申请的权利。
  3. 学院需要了解任何已知的残疾或特殊教育需求,这有可能会影响学生的申请入学程序。如果这些信息在面试时未能提供,后期一经发现,学院保留撤销录取的权利。
  4. 根据上述条款,任何有残疾或特殊教育需要的儿童的家长,须在接受学校录取通知书之前,向学校提供全部详情。
  5. 北京礼德国际学院会确保申请资料及申请程序对残疾考的公平性并会做出合理的调整。

Appeals 申诉的权利

Parents/guardians of applicants who have not been offered a place are able, if they wish, to appeal to the Senior College’s Appeals Committee. Parents/guardians wishing to appeal should put their request in writing to the Principal. Details of appeal arrangements and procedures are sent to parents/guardians who request them in writing. Requests for appeal arrangements must be made not later than 20 days after the applicant receives the decision letter.