Timetable and Programme Information 课程安排及信息

Overview 课程概述——

The Art Summer School runs for 15 days from 24th July to 11th August 2017, Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.   This is a high level, intensive programme and is suitable for those who have a passion for art and who also may wish to study Art and Art related subjects at foreign universities in the future.  The programme is recommended for students from grade 9 to grade 12 with some good English language skills.  University students and teachers of Art are also welcome to apply.

北京礼德艺术暑期夏令营开课时间为2017年7月24日至8月11,星期一至星期五上午9点至下午4点,为期15天。 这是一个高水平的纯正西方艺术课程,适合那些对艺术充满热情,希望未来在国外大学学习艺术和艺术相关科目的学生。课程结束时,学生将完成整套个人艺术作品集的制作,获得结业证书,并举行结业艺术展。


The programme focuses around the use of 3D texture and form as installations to be used for the use of drawing and painting skills development.  Each student will develop original larger scale paintings, drawings, sketchbooks and an electronic portfolio.  There will be theory learning integrated into the delivery of the programme to inspire creativity and support learning.  In addition, prior to starting the Summer School students will be given a vocabulary pack which has translations of specific Western art terminology so that students are able to familiarize themselves with the vocabulary of Art used on the programme.  The Summer School will culminate in an exhibition of student work and will be attended by academic staff from local and international universities, including the Arts University at Bournemouth, UK.

课程将重点使用3D纹理及表现作为实践绘图和绘画技能发展的手段。 学生们将独立创作传统大幅绘画,绘图,素描本和电子作品集。 理论学习将被整合到课程中以激发创造力并支持学习。 此外,在暑期学校开始之前,学生将获得包含特定西方艺术术语翻译的词汇表,以便学生能够熟悉课程使用的艺术词汇。课程尾声学生们的个人作品展览将把为期三周的艺术创作推至高潮,来自国内外的高校代表(包括英国伯恩茅斯艺术大学的专家)将出席结业展览。


There are two pathways on the Summer School – Painting and Costume.  Students will choose a pathway in week 2 and will focus their individual project work around the focus of that pathway and will produce their own original work which can be used as part of an A level Fine Art or Textiles submission or as part of a university interview. The programme also includes work on Vanitas.  Please see Karen Le Roy Harris’ website for more information on this movement and approach:

艺术暑期学校将包含两个主要门类——绘画和服装。学生们将在课程的第二周选择一个门类并围绕这一门类专注于个人作品集的制作,并用于未来A-Level课程美术/纺织品作品的一部分,或作为大学申请的一部分。课程同时也包含关于虚空派/画(Vanitas,象征艺术的静物绘画)的艺术创作。更多相关信息可参见Karen Le Roy Harris个人网站:

Who is the Art Summer School For? 目标群体——

We have designed this Summer School to meet the needs of students from grade 9 to grade 12 who show an interest and aptitude for art and who wish to develop their talent.  We also believe that this programme will serve undergraduate university students in Chinese universities as an introduction to Western art techniques and to expand their range of skills and knowledge in this discipline. Teachers of Art in China are also welcome.  For teachers it is a unique opportunity to work alongside students and learn new teaching and learning methods.


Materials 教学材料——

All materials to for students to undertake programme activities are supplied by the school.


University Admissions Support大学申请支持——

We will host UK university representatives who will be able to talk to you about study at UK Art Schools.  The Arts University, Bournemouth will make a presentation and will work with students to gain knowledge of making an application and the interview process.

我们将邀请英国大学代表与学生交流在英国大学学习艺术的体验。 伯恩茅斯艺术大学代表将发表演讲,并向学生们介绍艺术大学申请知识和面试过程。


The programme will be taught in English.  We will have translators available to support students who require language support in classes and a number of interns whose role it is to support student well-being on the programme.


Exhibition 展览——

At the end of the Art Summer School there will be an exhibition of work with some very special guests from the Art education world.  Prizes will be presented at an evening event on Friday 11th August at 7.30pm.  Students will be allocated a limited number of tickets for guests of their choice.  The exhibition will be open on Saturday 12th for all family and friends to attend.



艺术课程Art programme (3 weeks):16500 RMB

Apply报名及更多相关信息 ——

如果你想了解更多课程信息,或申请报名,请联系Tracey Minogue老师:tminogue@ila-beijing.com


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