Debate: ‘Is technology the future?’ | 辩论赛: 科技是我们的未来吗?

On Friday afternoon ILA pupils participated in a debate titled ‘Is technology the future?’. It was run by the MUN (Model United Nations) students who also provided support and guidance to both teams. All senior pupils who were not in MUN were divided into two teams-one team taking the ‘for’ and the other team the ‘against’.  There were four speakers for each team and each team had their support team who helped with research and information before and during the debate.

It was a great debate and all teachers and support staff were present in the audience. Two of the staff were the judges. The arguments were fierce and strong for both teams but the crucial argument that won the debate for the ‘for’ team was their statement delivered by Flora’ Technology is the future because you cannot stop it -it will happen!’

Both teams performed well and their debating skills are improving with each debate. The staff were very impressed with their increasing confidence in English and the standard of evidence produced in the debate. We are all looking forward to the next whole school debating contest.

上周五,北京礼德高一年级的学生们围绕着—“Is technology the future” 这个主题展开了一场精彩的辩论赛。这场辩论赛由礼德模联小组发起,并参与正反方辩论的引导和支持环节。其他学生们则分为正反两方,各方包含四个辩手和提供场内信息支持的成员。

所有老师和教学支持团队观摩了整场辩论赛。辩论过程十分精彩,正反两队展开了激烈的辩论,最终帮助正方取得胜利的关键论据是来自辩手Flora的发言。科技是未来,因为你不能阻止它—— 它终究会发生!