ILA Beijing at BEIMUN 2017 XXIV | 北京礼德参加第24届模拟联合国大会

Eight students this week have been living wisdom for life! They have had to use all the six ways of learning to develop their skills as international diplomats at the BEIMUN Conference. Over 600 students from 40 different schools are at this prestigious conference that is a real simulation of the United Nations working practices. Students must assume the role of a diplomat and represent a United Nations Member State. For our first UN conference ILA has been designated the Kingdom of Jordan. Our ILA students, Shirley, East, Annie,Linda, Alex, Simon, Jason and Raymond have chosen to take on this challenge and became excellent ambassadors for ILA.

上周末北京礼德有八位学生做为约旦王国的外交官与来自40多个不同国际学校的600多名学生一同参加了位于北京顺义国际学校的模拟联合国会议。参会的学生们担任起外交官的角色,代表不同的联合国成员国,真实再现联合国日常工作的情景。对于第一次参加此次活动的北京礼德,我们的高一学生,常心玥、李霈宇、张禹瀛、陈怡彤、乐婧辰、李哲明、黎星纬和黎津睿做为学生代表接受了此次挑战, 成为代表礼德的优秀大使。

ILA Beijing will be building a strong Model United Nations culture, exposing our students to such experiences as MUN are an excellent way to actively engage with the real global issues that concern our world and todevelop strong leadership, debating and inter-personal skills. MUN also brings our students into contact with international students and provides them with anintroduction to the type of atmosphere they will experience in a university campus. Forming friendships and settling into college life abroad demandsstrong resilience.  These are also the students they will be competing against for university places in the future!














 Shirley:It was such an extraordinary experience. At the first glance of the room of HRC, I was certain that these students’ ability to give rhetorical speeches are way exceeding my expectation. In the following days, my observation proved to be true. Fearing nothing, the delegates of Syria and India were especially confident, giving speeches that really influenced the audiences’ view on the issues we discussed. In fact, they spoke with great logos like world leaders. I felt no sense of presence in those few days. However, I would really like to thank our teachers who had given us countless encouragements and comforts to cheer us up either when we were on our way to ISB or back to ILA. It was definitely these encouragements of love and care that armed me for the battle of MUN. Towards the end of MUN, I surprisingly found myself getting more confident, based on the fact that I finally delivered a very awkward speech. Overall, the MUN experience was like eating a pineapple without cutting it beforehand. At first, it was hard and solid on the outside, then it turned juicy and sweet on the inside, since it was always hard for me to get familiar with a new thing I just encountered. But anyway, I stumbled through this conference. Moreover, I still have the faith to do a lot better next time when this seemingly formidable monster reveals itself again. Go team go! This monster is surely surmountable!

Linda:This is our first MUN conference. I was in the General Assembly Second Committee. We mainly discussed three issues:  Combating illegal drug trading in Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan African labor rights, and children’s education access in Sub-Saharan Africa. MUN provided me a great opportunity to meet so many intellectual, mature and thoughtful peers. This was like a new world. Their high-level language, debating skills and meticulous thinking pattern were thrilling. They were the people that I truly look up to. At first I was totally lost and was overwhelmed by the rapid speaking and long resolution. The next day, I could understand their speech and was able to take notes of the debating process on the resolution. During this process, I found myself developing further understanding and thoughts about global issues. Additionally, I also learned to evaluate the events and possible resolutions from different aspects, using a diplomat’s view. The principal of ISB mentioned many times on the beginning ceremony: Believe that you can make a difference. This was what I have experienced during this conference. Although we were not real delegates of the countries, everyone was working hard to optimize each resolution which could possibly solve the issue and make a difference to the world. Although this conference can’t change the world, it changed us. It raised our awareness of global issues and the things around us. It also gave us the sense of responsibility as a member of the globe who holds the chance to make a difference.

Raymond:This BEIMUN activity is really unforgettable to me, I learnt a lot from this. As one who go to an international Model United Nations conference for the first time, I was a little bit nervous. It really tested my emotional wisdom, because around me were hundreds of students from more than 30 countries which I’ve never met before. In this kind of scenario, controlling yourself and keeping calm is very important. I was in the General Assembly Third committee, we had three main topics to discuss: first one is about Combatting the rise of Islamophobia in Europe and North America; second one is Ensuring the fair treatment of LGBT individuals in Russia and its former republics; and the third one was dealing with Increasing access to priority lifesaving medicines to impoverished communities.

In order to make resolution on these different topics, referencing was a must. I used a lot practical wisdom on searching, did massive amount of reading, including the basic information of Jordan – the country I was going to represent, and whether it had been involved with these issues. Using some rational wisdom, I chose the first topic which is about the Islamophobia to write a resolution on it, because Jordan is an Islamic country and the ambassador had a speech which clearly showed the willing of fighting against the Islamophobia. So it was quite reasonable for me to do a resolution on that. Finally, under the tutorial of Miss Nataly, with some creative wisdom, a resolution was written.

During the conference, I used a lot of sensory wisdom, kept noticing others’ language, faces, and body language. Although I predicted that I could handle the language, but there was actually a lot of professional phrases that had been used, and a lot of rules for talking. For example, there can’t be any kind of first-personal phrases, like “I think….” “we should …”, they must be third – personal phrases. “I” must be replaced by “the delegate of …”, “we” might became “fellow delegates”. So although my English is not bad, It was a little bit strange, sometimes I felt it was like a new language, but still quite interesting. And because I was sick during the conference, so it still took me some time to adapt the language.

The students in the conference were all like future politicians, especially the ones in my committee. Because of the coincidence, I was the only person who had no experience on the MUN, and rest of them all had at least three times of MUN, so the debate was quite drastic. It was quite hard to not be convinced by the speech giver, they were all very reasonable, so using moral wisdom to choose what is the best way became very important. I learnt a lot during this process, like the skills of debating and the specific procedure of United Nations General Assembly. I although found that most of the students are quite kindly to others. I remember the delegate of Croatia who sit in front of me lost a debate with the delegate of Japan on my left side. But still he turned around and shake hands with the delegate of Japan, saying “Well done, it was a great debate.” So the atmosphere was quite harmonious.

Attending MUN not only helped me a lot on improving my English, I also learnt lots of culture of different countries, it also was a great exercise to my willpower. It is something you might feel quite difficult when you started, but after you get familiar with it, it’s not a big problem. I want to thank Miss Nataly and Mister Andrew. Their supports were my most motivation. I also recommend other fellow students to join the activity of MUN, use your wisdoms and leadership, challenge yourselves, increase your knowledge, and gain the triumph.

East: I thought I make a mistake when I sat at the theater with other students who fill with confident. I was tremble in a corner with a pen in my right hand. My brain was totally blank, the only thing I knew is write down my dilemma. This is my situation from first two days for MUN. I really felt stress and scary. In the third day, I began to enjoy it. My teammate ‘Qatar’ yield the floor to me and I gave a short speech with muddle mind. When I looked down from the stage, I felt I really enjoy this feeling. Although it was not a good speak, I felt relax after that. MUN is really a special experience for all of us. It let us had chance to make friends and know more world policy. I believe that I will join the next one.

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