The Curriculum

Six ways of learning are used inside and outside the classroom to help students grow in Wisdom for Life. Students are asked to engage with knowledge and experience for the purpose of using both to benefit others and oneself. Learning and teaching at ILA Beijing develops innovative, principled, compassionate, reasonable,  sensitive & highly efficient wise leaders with the six Wisdom attributes. The IGCSE and A-Levels Curriculum allows students to develop intellectually as they explore a subject in greater depth, and allows students to develop the skills which enables them to handle and evaluate different types of information sources. Through studying for IGCSEs and A-Levels students are able to think logically and present ordered and coherent arguments and explanations, all the while studying and communicating fluently and effectively in English.


Foundation Year | 基础课学年


A focus on Academic English Learning, students study for IGCSE subjects as preparation for A-Levels and AP in Year 2 and 3. In teams, students also parcipate in ongoing group projects designed to foster collaboration and student-driven learning.


Year 2 | 高二

A-levels + AP

A wide range of A-levels and AP subjects, SAT/ACT Preparation, Career Exploration, Academic & Life Skills, University & Academic Mentoring, Wisdom-in-Action (careers, sports, creative arts & community service).


Year 3 | 高三

A-levels + AP + University Application

Gaining entry into the right degree programme in the right university. A-levels and AP programmes continue, Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), Internships, University Applications, Wisdom-in-Action.