International Leadership Academy (ILA) was founded by Asia International School Limited (AISL) in 2015. AISL has been operating international schools in Asia since 1997 when it formed Harrow International Management Services (HIMS) in cooperation with Harrow School UK and established Harrow International School Bangkok. Since then, AISL has established Harrow International Schools in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai – a group of schools that takes pride in delivering a traditional British education to achieve their shared vision of ‘Leadership for a Better World.’

礼德国际学院(ILA)由亚洲国际学校有限公司(AISL)于2015年创立。亚洲国际学校有限公司在1997年与英国哈罗公学成立了哈罗国际管理服务公司(HIMS),并成立了曼谷哈罗国际学校,之后一直在亚洲经营国际学校。亚洲国际学校有限公司相继在北京香港上海建立了哈罗国际学校——这些学校致力于提供传统英式教育,并实现“Leadership for a better world”的共同愿景。

Building on these achievements, AISL set out to satisfy a need for high quality international education in China which would both prepare students for success in the wider world while maintaining the fundamental elements of Chinese culture and wisdom. AISL drew upon the deep experience with its group of Harrow International Schools to develop the International Leadership Academy schools. Education at ILA schools is structured with an infused British and Chinese curriculum and orientated towards personal responsibility for learning, individual mentoring, university and career planning, and Wisdom for Life.


Mr. Daniel Chiu – Chairman

邱达强先生 – 主席(Chairman)

Mr Chiu has developed a passion for international schooling since 1998. He is the founder of the Harrow International Schools in Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai and the International Leadership Academy in Beijing. Mr Chiu has also been actively involved in the development of export trading between China and the Middle-East and investment in infrastructure for oil industries and real estate development in China. He is the Chairman of Federal Asia Company Limited and the Vice Chairman of Fortune Oil, which was listed on the London Stock Exchange until 2015.


Mr. Eric Leung – CEO, International Leadership Academy

梁永昌先生 – 礼徳国际学院行政总裁(CEO)

Mr. Leung is also an Executive Director and Director of Business Development for Harrow International Management Services. Mr. Leung was appointed as the CEO of International Leadership Academy in June 2016. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Leung had been CEO of the Carnival Group International (SEHK stock code: 996); the Deputy Managing Director, an Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of China Gas Holdings Limited (SEHK stock code: 384); Managing Director and Head of Corporate Finance for UFJ Securities; and for over 13 years previously, held posts in investment banks including Lehman Brothers, Jardine Fleming Securities and Barclays Capital. Mr. Leung is a lawyer by training, and is qualified to practice law in Hong Kong, England and Wales and Australia.


Dr. Mark Hensman – Chief Education Officer (CEdO), Principal

Mark Hensman 博士 – 首席教育官(CEdO)、校长

Prior to taking his current post as Principal and Chief Education Officer, Dr. Hensman was Head of Harrow Bangkok, COO of Harrow International, and helped establish the Harrow International Schools in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Dr. Hensman developed ILA’s Wisdom for Life framework – a culmination of his life-long work on making education a meaningful journey.

Hensman 博士在担任北京礼徳校长、集团首席教育官之前,是曼谷哈罗国际学校校长、哈罗国际教育管理公司首席运营官,并成立了位于香港和上海的哈罗国际学校。Dr. Hensman 博士开创并阐释了礼徳国际学院“启智人生”这一核心框架,这是他一生投身于教育研究的成果与结晶。

Ms. Louisa Ho – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

何玉琼女士 – 首席财务官(CFO)

Ms Ho was formerly the Finance Director and deputy Chief Executive of Fortune Oil Plc., and became a non-executive director in 2006 until the company was successfully privatised in 2015. She is a certified public accountant of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. She has a Master of Science degree in Data Processing from the University of Ulster and a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree from the University of Hong Kong. Before joining Fortune Oil, she worked in a range of positions in the Controller and Operations Departments of the Exxon group.


Mr. Ziver Olmez – Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Ziver Olmez 先生 – 首席营运总监(COO)

Mr. Olmez has a wealth of experience in education and management consulting in Asia and Southern Africa. In 2010 he co-founded Akademikas Education Consulting Ltd, an education consulting firm with the vision of enabling students in all walks of life to learn independently. The success of the programs he developed led to his firm’s collaboration with public and international schools in Hong Kong, where he provided academic skills training and strategic planning services. Prior to his appointment as COO of International Leadership Academy in August 2016, Mr. Olmez joined Harrow International Management Services in June 2015 as Senior Business Development Manager with the responsibility of establishing International Leadership Academy Beijing.

Olmez先生有着丰富的亚洲和非洲南部的教育和管理咨询经验。在2010年,他创办了Akademikas Education Consulting Ltd,秉承教育理念培养学生独立自主学习的教育咨询公司。他所制定的课程成功令他的公司与香港的公立和国际学校合作,当中他提供学术技能培训和策略规划服务。在他于2016年8月被委任为礼德国际学院的营运总监之前,他在2016年5月加盟哈罗国际管理服务有限公司成为高级业务发展经理并负责筹办北京礼德国际学院。