English Speaking Booster Class 英语口语强化课程

This week-long class is designed to boost the spoken language ability of Middle and High School Chinese students so that they can begin to speak English with confidence.  It allows students to unlock the English language knowledge they already have and to speak confidently and clearly with others.

这个为期一周的课程旨在提高初高中学生的口语能力,让他们有信心开始说英语。 课程帮助学生解锁他们已有的英语知识,并与他人自信而清晰地进行英文对话。

The class will therefore be extremely student focused, each morning being discussion and small spoken activities, each afternoon being a larger project on the same topic.  Students will use the medium of current issues and familiar ideas to practice their spoken English language skills.  Topics, depending on the programme level the student is on, will include:

因此,课程将更加关注于学生,每天早上都会进行英文讨论和小型的讲座活动,每天下午都会进行一个主题项目。 学生将利用当下热点问题和个人想法作为媒介来提高他们的英语口语能力。 根据学生选择的课程水平,主题将包括:

  • Food around the world | 世界各地的美食
  • Environmental issues | 环境问题
  • Festivals and culture | 节日与风俗
  • People who changed history | 改变历史的人
  • Technology of the future |未来科技

The week-long programme will grow in intensity as the week progresses so that students are increasingly challenged and so maximizing learning and achievement.  On the programme students will undertake activities such as presentation, information gathering, role play, drama, debate.  At the end of the week, students will do presentations and we very much welcome parents attendance and support at this event.  Students will be given a Certificate of Completion for the English Speaking Booster Programme.

为期一周的课程里,学生将面临越来越多的挑战,从而使学生最大限度地提高学习和并体验成就。 在课程中,学生将进行演示,信息收集,角色扮演,戏剧,辩论等活动。 在一周结束时,学生们将进行演讲,我们非常欢迎家长的参加和支持。 学生将获得英语强化课程完成证书。

Programme Dates and Times  课程日期及时间

10th July to 14th July English Booster Programme Cohort Two (level 1 – beginner)

7月10日-14日 英语强化1小组 (等级1-初级水平)

17th July to 21st July English Booster Programme Cohort Three (level 2 – intermediate)

7月17日-21日 英语强化2小组(等级二-中级水平)

24th July to 28th July English Booster Programme Cohort Three (level 3 – higher)

7月24-28日 英语强化3小组(等级3-高级水平)

Each programme will run from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday and lunch and a snack are provided each day.


Teaching Group 明星教师

Roisin Timmins is a British English teacher who has been living in Beijing since 2013. Besides ILA, she has taught at a variety of state and private schools, including Xicheng Foreign Language Middle School, New Oriental (XDF), Tsinghua International Departures department and Beijing Language and Culture University. She holds a Ba in English Literature & Creative Writing from Leeds Trinity & All Saints, and an MSc in Comparative Public Policy from the University of Edinburgh.

Roisin Timmins是一位非常有经验和创新的英语老师,拥有高等教育行业工作经验。 可以熟练运用跨文化交际技能进行教学,擅长ESL(英语第二语言)教学。Roisin曾执教于西城外国语学校,新东方等教育机构,深受学生喜爱。


The cost of the programme is RMB4,900 and students can attend one week, or if they are a beginner or intermediate they can also enroll on the next programme/s up so that they can progress.


Each student will need to attend an interview so that we are able to place the student in the appropriate class for them.  Interviews will take place in June.


Please contact ILA Admissions Team for more information or to book an interview.