Nataly Miorin
Director of Academic Pathways | 教学主任

Ms. Miorin has worked in 11-19 education within both the UK and international systems for twenty-one years. She holds a Master’s degree in Education and a BA Joint Honors degree in History & Politics. Ms. Miorin has also developed extensive Sino-Anglo-educational links. This culminated in her former school officially becoming the world’s one thousandth Confucius classroom, during president Xi Jinping’s visit to England in October 2015.


Dana Pao
Director of Intercultural Learning Pathways | 跨文化教学主任

Ms. Pao has more than 20 years of professional experience in international education and consulting. She has been an instructional coordinator and coach, Language Acquisition and ESOL department head, teacher, and trainer in K-12 schools; and a senior advisor and foreign language curriculum developer for an educational non-profit.


Jessica Zhang
Head of Mathematics | 数学部主管

Ms. Jessica Zhang has 6 years of experience as a bilingual Mathematics teacher. She holds a BA and MA from Lanzhou University. She has been an academic director of the international departments in two key public schools in Shenyang and Beijing. With a backgroud also in History, Ms. Zhang is uniquely able to blend social science and mathematics together, helping students understand how to apply mathematical theory to the real world. She aims to train students to capture the ability of acquiring knowledge independently and to be curious about the world.


Angela Jones-Glukhov
University Admissions Mentor (North America) | 大学申请指导顾问(北美地区)

Ms. Jones-Glukhov spent sixteen years in college admissions, traveling throughout the U.S. and many foreign countries seeking some of the world’s most talented students for selective universities, colleges, and fellowship programs. She spent four years in Moscow, Russia administering a U.S. Department of State fellowship program that selected students to study at some of America’s top graduate schools.

Jones-Glukhov 老师有超过16年的大学申请和辅导经验。她帮助美国及世界各地的知名大学、学院或者特殊项目寻找最有潜力的学生。Jones-Glukhov老师曾经花了4年时间,在俄罗斯莫斯科为美国国务院下属项目挑选优秀的研究生到美国的顶尖大学进行学习。

Tracey Minogue
Director of Higher Education Pathways | 大学申请指导主任

Ms. Minogue has worked in the UK 16+ education system for over twenty years. She has diverse experience in a number of curriculum areas as a teacher including IT, Business, Enterprise/Innovation and Education/Teacher Training. She has also worked extensively with many universities on special projects to enable greater numbers of students to enter university.

Minogue 老师在英国16岁以上的教育系统工作超过20年。作为一名教师,Minogue在许多课程领域中有着丰富的教学经验,其中包括IT,商业,企业/创新和教育/教师培训等。她还和许多大学就一些特殊项目进行深入的合作,帮助更多学生进入大学学习。

Patrick Illingworth
Director of Extended Curriculum | 延展学科主任

Mr. Illingworth brings a strong blend of teaching experience, business acumen and sporting endeavour to the ILA. He holds a Certificate in Education from Huddersfield University, a BA (Hons) in Education and Training, and a CELTA. Patrick inspires pupils to achieve their very best through knowledgeable, motivational and holistic mentoring.

Illingworth 老师有着丰富的教学经验、商业敏感性和运动精神。他拥有英国哈德斯菲尔德大学教学执照、教育与培训(荣誉)学位学士,以及剑桥大学教师证书(CELTA)。Illingworth 老师鼓励的方式对学生做全面的辅导,帮助学生取得最佳成绩。

Katy Wang
Head of Chinese Language & Culture | 中文部主管

Ms. Wang holds an MA in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. She has over seven years’ experience teaching English language acquisition in primary and middle schools, as well as advanced-level Chinese to elementary students and beginner Chinese to a middle-school student with special needs. She has spent three years teaching IB PYP and MYP students.

王老师持有外国语言学及应用语言学硕士学位。她有7年多中小学英语教学经验,曾给小学学生讲授语文,给有特殊需求的外国学生教授入门级中文课。她还有三年的IB PYP和MYP教学经验。

Volodymyr Baran
Coordinator of Performance and Music | 表演艺术及音乐总监

Mr. Baran read his Masters in Music in Ukraine and Switzerland. Mr. Baran has performed in most of European countries, Asia and the USA. He is the winner of international music competitions in Italy and Canada. Mr. Baran was appointed Assistant Concertmaster of the Zurich Symphony Orchestra, Switzerland. He taught music theory, music history, vocal music, knowledge and understanding of musical elements and language, violin and chamber music ensemble in Switzerland, Ukraine and Malta. His teaching focuses on the main western musical traditions, have the opportunity to explore a variety of styles and forms, to play violin, piano, sing or compose. Maestro Baran speaks English, French, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, some German and Chinese.