ILA’s mission is to engage students in ways of learning which provide them with the knowledge and experience to:

  • become students who exemplify Wisdom for Life in their learning and living, and
  • make appropriate choices regarding university destinations and courses.


  • 在学习和生活中成为实践“启智人生”的代表,以及
  • 在选择大学和专业时做出正确的决定。

In order to fulfill this missions, ILA provides


Academic Pathways | 学术支持

Students are provided with the resources, learning environment, and diagnostic skills to understand how to learn and improve learning performance.


Higher Education Pathways | 大学升学指导

Students are equipped with the information, motivation, skills, and mentoring in academics and enrichment programmes to gain entry into the foreign university courses best suited to their career aspirations.


Intercultural Languages Pathways | 跨文化语言学习

Students are provided with opportunities to gain fluency in languages which will support their academic and lifelong aspirations.


iLAB Wisdom in Action Pathways | 智慧在行动

ILA students and learners from the wider community are provided with programmes targeted for their wider learning needs.