Our unique program which combines traditional English language learning with creative writing and practical communication skills. Using extracts of our successful full time English language curriculum Students are guided through a range of interesting and exciting topics using a variety of methods and fun activities. The lessons are extremely engaging, with a great deal of speaking and listening practice, as well as project work, research and collaboration.  Mr Patrick is our Director of Extended Curriculum and teaches English to our full-time ILA students.

我们独特的课程将传统的英语学习与创造性写作和实用沟通技巧相结合。 课程取自我们全日制英语课程中的精华部分,学生将被引导通过不同的方式和好玩的活动来展开丰富有趣而令人兴奋的主题。 课程非常具有吸引力,包含大量的口语和听力实践,以及项目执行、研究和协作等内容。 Patrick先生是我们ILA全日制学生延展学科及英语教学的课程主任。



Lessons:   Ages 13 – 14  Saturday 1:00pm-2:30pm     Ages 15-16  Saturday 2:30pm – 4:00pm
课程安排: 13-14岁  周六  下午 1:00-2:30                15-16岁  周六  下午 2:30-4:00

Terms 11th of February to 25th March, 7th April to 3rd June

RMB 1750 per term / RMB 250 per session (1.5hr)
费用:1750元/学期  250元/课时(1.5小时)