Students are provided with highly personalized support within a warm, encouraging, academic atmosphere. Senior College formulates individual learning plans that enable students to achieve their personal aspirations. Using a project-based management approach, students develop the skills to ‘lead their learning’ which is critical to both exam success and personal development.

Transition | 过渡

Students are provided with very comprehensive support so that the important transition into the Senior College is as smooth as possible. During the first weeks, students benefit from the robust transition support provided in classes and student mentor groups. Everybody at the school is there to help and to make sure that students settle in happily and make good progress.

Mentor Groups | 导师组

The first part of every day at Senior College is spent in mentor groups. Students are assigned to a mentor who stays with them throughout their time at Senior College. They provide pastoral support as well as academic advice and they are a student’s first port of call for any issues that might arise.

Student Council | 学生会

The Student Council offers Senior College students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. Senior College’s fusion of inquiry-based learning with its project management approach to strategic planning and goal and target-setting, is modelled through the Student Council which helps support the school’s decision-making process. Each student is assigned a temporary role on the Council during their Foundation Year to experience first-hand how best to apply Wisdom for Life in leadership roles.

University Applications & Careers | 大学申请及职业发展

Senior College provides a first-rate support programme for university applications. The carefully designed University Mentoring Programme provides an excellent framework to support student development towards young adulthood. Students have sessions on careers, financial literacy, and health and wellbeing. University Admissions Mentors provide a further layer of pastoral support. Students are also provided with highly personalised careers advice and internship oppotunities to prepare them for a bright future in their chosen fields.

Chinese Speaking Staff | 讲中文的员工

There may be times when students need to speak to someone in Chinese. In addition to Senior College support staff, a number of teachers and Mentors speak Chinese, so students never need to worry about making themselves understood.

Alumni | 校友

Once students have graduated, Senior College keeps in touch with them through the Alumni Association. Senior College is committed to ensuring student success at university and beyond. As alumni, students have access to help and advice throughout their university life.