‘Think Wisdom’ Projects | “关注智慧”项目小组展示

On June 9th (Friday), ILA students have had the presentation of the ‘Think Wisdom’ projects. The students have worked in six teams, each team exploring the life of someone they think is a good example of wisdom. Each group had to show through their presentation how the thinking and relationships of the person they had studied influenced the development of characteristics that could be thought of as demonstrating wisdom. Students chose as examples people such as Helen Keller, Tchaikovsky, Abraham Lincoln, Beethoven, and Archimedes. We noted that all of these had experienced struggles and failure in their lives which had given them the determination to become good examples of wisdom for life.

Congratulations to Linda, Flora and Jason for coming through as the group which best met the project criteria in their moving and artistic study of Helen Keller. All the students showed remarkable style, confidence and creativity in their presentations but most impressive of all was the way in which we could see just how far each student has developed over the course of the year.

六月九日(周五),北京礼德高一年级的学生们进行了“关注智慧”项目小组展示。 学生们分为六支队伍,每个团队分别探索了他们所挑选的智慧代表人物。 小组通过演讲,展示他们所研究的人物的思维和关系如何影响他们发展可以被认为是表现智慧的特征。 学生们选择了例如海伦凯勒,柴可夫斯基,亚伯拉罕·林肯,贝多芬和阿基米德等人物。 我们注意到,所有这些历史人物都曾经历生活中的斗争和失败,这也促使他们决心成为拥有智慧的人。

祝贺Linda,Flora和Jason所在的小组所展示的对Helen Keller的运动和艺术的研究,最符合我们这一小组项目的评判标准。 所有的学生在演讲中都展现出非凡的个人风格,自信心和创造力,但更令人印象深刻的是我们看到了每个学生在一年中的显著进步。