The school has a strict dress code to encourage students to take a pride in their appearance and school identity and to dress in the manner of a professional business person. Any student arriving at school in non-uniform clothing may expect to be sent home to get changed.


Senior College Dress Code 高中着装要求

The summer uniform consists of a ILA school blazer, long sleeved white shirt and school tie, dark trousers (or skirt for girls), black socks or tights. The winter uniform consists of the ILA blazer, long sleeved white shirt, ILA pullover and dark trousers (or plaid skirt for girls).


The blazer and tie are to be worm at all times except when in PE kit or when sitting in the classroom or Common Room when the jacket can be removed. The jumper can be worn at any time under the blazer but not instead of the blazer.


In the manner common to many professional business offices, Fridays will be casual dress days when students can wear clothing of their choice subject to its being suitable to wear to school.


The blazer, trousers/skirt, pullover and tie have been tailored specifically for ILA Beijing, and the tie and blazer bear the ILA logo.These items should be purchased trough the school authorized supplier.


For girls | 女生校服


For boys | 男生校服


Sports Kit | 体育校服