University & Academic Mentoring | 大学和学术指导

One of the Senior College’s key goals is to encourage and enable students to apply to universities around the world and pursue their dream careers. The Senior College’s support for applications is highly personalised and knowledge about university admissions processes for US, UK, European and Asian universities is presented by the Senior College’s University Admissions Mentors.


Academic and guidance structures are explicitly orientated towards making sure students get into the university that is the best fit for them.


With a small number of students, the British and North American University Admissions Mentors are able to provide detailed, one-on-one guidance and support.


The University Admissions Mentoring programme starts as a journey of self-discovery. Students are helped to identify their intrinsic passions and abilities guided by key motivators such as freedom, personal growth and contribution to society.

大学升学指导以自我发现为旅程的起点,教 师以自由、个性成长、回馈社会为核心宗旨 出发,帮助学生发觉自己的真正兴趣所在, 认识个人潜力 。

Mentor, students, parents and teachers use sophisticated technologies to strategically manage the wealth of information required to gain admissions to the universities of best-fit. Parents can access the progress of their children online, and the system created will help to make the university application process as clear and meaningful as possible.