The children that join our English Saturday program are in for a real treat. You see, we have designed a curriculum focused on helping our students develop a desire to want to speak, read and write in English; and of course, for young children this can mean only one thing, it has got to be fun! And so, using a combination of Jolly Phonics, sight and recognition techniques, interactive charts, stories, role-play, songs, rhymes and poems that cover a range of content from Science, Social Science and the world of fiction and make believe, we have created a program especially for young, curious and creative minds. The aim is to build the students’ overall English skills and knowledge. The program covers:

  • Letters and sounds
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Handwriting
  • Writing

The Young Leaders program will initially be offered to children between 5 and 7 years of age, and will run from 10am to 12pm Saturdays. Places for the program are limited so please enroll your child promptly to avoid disappointment. Our experienced foreign teacher is excited and ready to welcome his students to the program.


加入礼德周六英语课程的孩子们将会享受到真正的学习乐趣。我们精心设置的课程将显著增强孩子们主动用英语表达,阅读和写作的意愿。当然,对于低年级的孩子们来说这只需要一个简单的理由,那就——非常有趣!因此,课程将综合使用Jolly Phonics自然拼音法、视觉识别技术、交互图表、故事、角色扮演、歌曲、韵律和诗歌等教学方式,涵盖了科学、社会科学和小说等一系列内容。我们相信,我们创造了一个特别为年轻、有好奇心、有创意的孩子们设置的课程。我们的目标是培养学生整体的英语技能及知识储备。课程涵盖:

  • 字母和发音
  • 口语
  • 阅读
  • 单词书写
  • 英文写作




Lessons:  Saturday 10:00am – 12:00pm
课程安排:每周六上午10:00 至中午12:00

Terms 11th of February to 25th March, 7th April to 3rd June

年 龄:5-7岁

RMB 2100 per term  / RMB 300 per session (2hrs)
费用:2100元/学期 300元/课时(2小时)